Albert Amalfitano

Albert Amalfitano


  • Cell: 386-315-1321
  • Office Location: 424 LUNA BELLA LN STE 135 NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 32168

About Albert Amalfitano

Albert Amalfitano has spent the majority of his life in Volusia County, doing what he can to give back to the community and to help make a difference in the lives of those around him. In his very short amount of time in real estate, Albert has found his calling and has been able to continue both his personal and professional growth. He may be new to real estate, but he has devoted himself to it and has already made an impact on his peers and the families he now calls friends.

Albert has worn many hats in his life before finding happiness in real estate. At age fourteen Albert worked at Dunkin’ Donuts and would reserve the donuts that would have been thrown away at the end of the day for less fortunate families so that they wouldn’t have to dive into the trash cans for food as they had before. After high school Albert went directly into the army for five years, was in the infantry and earned an expert infantryman’s badge, and was a qualified expert on every weapons system. When he returned from his time there, Albert worked with his brother in restaurants as a head bartender, server, catering manager, and front of house manager. Albert has done it all. It was while working at a restaurant called Panheads that Albert went to real estate school and met a couple who would give him his first opportunity in the business.

It was at Brookshire Hathaway Tread Realty that Albert got his first taste of real estate though he continued to work at the restaurant. He had sold $1.5 million by himself in his first six months there when he got a call to show a house for $1.4 million. It was then that Albert decided that he needed to put his entire self into the business, quit real estate, and devoted himself entirely to selling. Eventually, Albert found himself at Keyes Real Estate after talking to a few people who work there and he has gone strong with Keyes every since: “I did $2.6 my first year. $4.6 second year. I’m at $3 million this year.”

In an effort to be the best he can be, Albert has been recognized and has won several awards including The Rising Star, The Customer First Designation, Real Estate Specialist Designation, Taking the Staging Designation Course, Top 40 Under 40 for Kai’s (SP?), and President’s Circle. These awards are a direct result of the man himself. Albert loves the challenge to be the best at what he is doing. He wants to learn what the best do and to try to do it better. Albert truly enjoys finding homes for families and is driven more by being a good neighbor and providing care than the money. “When you put somebody into their first home and they feel like you really took that care of them, in five to seven years when they go to sell their house, they’re going to look for me. I’ll stay in touch with them. I’ll be able to sell that house for them and find them another one. Each first time home buyer really is a minimum of three transactions. So if someone really wants to look at the monetary value of that and not the driving force, there you go. You can have your cake and eat it too. It’s just the reward of taking the time and actually going into it wholeheartedly–you’ll get more in the end.”

While earnestly helping families buy and sell houses, Albert works on himself to be able to help others: “I think I always strive for more knowledge and try to get more stuff. And it’s not even for me. The more that I know, the more I can pass onto other people to make them understand the process. I love finding out about new loans. I look at it as, if I know the area, if I know that this house is in West Volusia, the first thing I’m doing is looking to see if it qualifies for USDA, which is 100% financing. And then that would cover their closing cost.” Understanding every facet of the business helps Albert to give every single family their best chance for success and helps to build his trust and loyalty with them. In turn, his clients become long-term friends–they go out to dinner, they go out as families, he has even helped a family put up their hurricane windows while they were out of town.

Albert has strong family values and has shown these ties throughout his life. He and his wife, Paula, have four children together–Taylor (16), Kaytlyn (13), Arielle (12), Mason (6) and two dogs in their full house. He is also very active in his church where they help several organizations: Children’s Miracle Network, community outreach with homeless, and Kook 386, which gives children a safe place to go after school. Albert says, “I definitely want to be up there as a $20 million producer. The more that you have is the more that you can give. That’s the beauty of it. There are so many things I want to do for the community, all-over giving. You can’t do that when you only have so much. I want to have a lot so I can give a lot.”

Albert Amalfitano challenges himself to be the best he can be, to become the best version of himself, and to do right by everyone he knows. He has a strong desire to take care of those around him and he has a big heart for giving back to the community. Albert wants his job to be a lifestyle of helping others, educating others, and caring for others: “Being a realtor is not a job or profession, it’s a service that we provide. And we should provide the best service we can to our clients. After all, they’re buying a house, they’re not buying a t-shirt. They need our professional advice and coaching and caring. Turning and burning is not the way to do that. If that’s what you want to do, you’re just going to be a salesperson. If you want to be a realtor, that’s what you have to be. Don’t get lazy. Don’t get fat and sassy. Always strive for more.”