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5 Tips For Getting Your Florida Home Ready To Sell Quickly

Are you considering selling your Florida Home or Condo in the near future? The key to selling your home quickly is making sure it appeals to today’s buyers. Many that have sold their Florida home quickly spent time and money to get a clean, and updated look and feel. These enhancements helped to improve the appeal of their Florida home to those that were in the market to make a reasonable offer to buy a home or Condo.

Why invest in your Florida home when you are going to be moving out? Do you want a reasonable offer? Great, then these updates will make your home stand out as one with a clean look and feel that will be appealing to today’s buyers.

No one likes getting ready for showing a home and to have no one make an offer. How many offers you get and how quickly your home sells has much to do with how appealing it is to capable buyers. In other words, those that have good credit, and the savings for a sizable down payment are not going to make you a reasonable offer unless your home appeals to them.

Here are 5 areas of your home that you will want to consider updating if you want to get your home sold quickly!

1. Enhance the Curb Appeal to Give a Great First Impression.

Look into having the exterior surfaces which includes your roof pressure washed to give a clean and well-maintained appearance. You may consider resurfacing the driveways and walk-ways so that they are in good walking condition. Landscaping should include trimmed trees and shrubs, the lawn should be free of weeds and you can use fresh sod, mulch or rocks to cover bare areas. Replace, repair or paint your old doors, windows sills, front porch and outdoor decks.

2. When You Step Inside … Look Down! When was the last time you updated your flooring and painted the baseboards?

Today, wood laminate flooring had become a very popular alternative to real wood or carpeting in the common areas of your home. The rooms that can benefit from new carpeting are the “kid’s rooms” and the master bedroom. Consider installing stain guard carpet in a nutral color, and always replace the padding with a pad that has an 8 lb density and a moisture barrier. In the bathroom consider adding stone or tile flooring to give a more updated look and feel. Also, keep in mind that you will need to change or at least paint the baseboard trim.

3. Update Your Interior Walls for Today’s Buyers.

For those that want to sell their older home quickly, keep in mind that what was still “in-style” even 10 to 15 years ago, most likely is not in style or desired by today’s home buyers. When it comes to your walls, strip off the old wallpaper and add a fresh coat of warm, neutral paint colors that are safe, traditional and comforting.

Keep in mind, your hallways are the arteries of a Florida home, rooms radiate off the hallways. Using a modern color palette helps the transition because these colors flow seamlessly from one room to the next.

4. Update Your Kitchen!

Many younger home buyers do not want to see out-dated cabinetry in a home that they are going to buy! Update with stainless steel appliances and simple granite or stone counter-tops. Search online for modern kitchens ideas that would have the widest range of appeal. Or simply click here for some ideas: Designer Kitchen Gallery

5. Does Your Bathroom have an open look and modern touches?

Young professionals prefer bright lighting, open glass showers, and stone or tile flooring.

Make Sure Your Home is Move-in Ready!

Look at your whole house and make sure that your Florida home has no unfinished projects and that it is move-in ready. Unfinshed projects are red flags to most buyers. Busy Professionals with young chilren and retirees with grandchildren are less likely to want a fixer-upper that could be embarrassing or present a threat to their loved ones health and safety.

Would you like to sell your Florida Home quickly? Great, then we hope these 5 tips will help you to make your home stand out as the most appealing to today’s buyers. Putting forth the effort to make these updates can make the difference between whether capable buyers will choose your home or your neighbor’s home when they are choosing where they want to live.